I started couponing in 2008 after my mom saw a news story about The Grocery Game.  We both signed up for a free trial and were hooked.  Since then I traded The Grocery Game for blogs and have been saving lots and lots of money ever since.  Nearly 3 years later, I’ve cut my grocery bill by about 70%.  I don’t pay for shampoo or toothpaste, and I have a stockpile of laundry detergent that will last for another year.  Clothing, shoes, and purses are three of my weaknesses, but I never pay retail and always shop with a coupon.  I’ve been amazed at how well I’ve been able to clothe my family for so much less than I used to.  In fact, the last 3 shirts I bought for my husband were completely free thanks to coupons and clearance racks.  I could go on and on about my awesome clothing finds, but I’ll stop there – you get my point.

The Happy Clipper is my place to share my savings secrets with you.  Whether it’s coupons, a great sale, or a cool freebie, there are lots of ways to save every single day.  I definitely don’t know it all (and I have a full-time job, a husband, and a toddler), so I will frequently share links to other blogs that offer great guidance and coupon match-ups.  So, consider The Happy Clipper your personal guide to great savings tips and the best of the web.  If I take the time to post it, I truly believe it’s a great deal!