Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Guest Post: Freezer Cooking

Cristi from The King’s Court IV shares her secrets for successful freezer cooking.  Thanks for the great information, Cristi.  Enjoy!

Each month I have a “Baking Day” in which I prepare meals for those crazy days when there’s not enough time nor hands to get anything accomplished!  Especially with school back in, and school-related activities are always going on, those late nights can take a toll quickly!  It’s always easy to stop at a local fast-food place and grab a bite to eat, but for most of us it’s not budget-friendly, nor the healthiest of choices.

Here are some tips that have helped me in preparation for my Freezer Cooking Days:

* Start by making a MENU of what meal(s) you would like to cook! Try to plan some of your meals around a few key items so that way you are not spending a lot of money buying items that you’ll only use once or twice. For example, for one package of blueberries I can make blueberry pancakes to freeze and use the rest for muffins!

* Make a grocery LIST of all of the ingredients that you’ll need for each recipe! Trust me, this really does help and will prevent you from making last minute trips to the store while you are in the middle of cooking!  Also, make note of which ingredients you’ll use in more than one recipe and tally up the amounts you’ll need, so that you don’t come up short or purchase too much! 

* Tried and TRUE—it may seem like no time is the right time, but if you don’t start, you’ll never finish! 

*Get started, what are you waiting for?!?  You’ve made your lists, have your menu planned, and have ALL of the ingredients you need… Get prepping!  To further reduce stress, you can do some prep work the day before!   Chopping/dicing veggies, or combining dry mixes for muffins/pancakes/breads/etc, beforehand to lessen the load really does help and saves on cooking time!  Just put them in their appropriate storage containers overnight and see how much faster it goes!

* Prep your kids too (if you have any)!!  Outline activities for them to do in order to keep them busy while you’re cooking, to allow you to get everything done!

* Start EARLY in the morning!  Make sure you clean that kitchen the night before and start your day early!  This allows you to pace yourself and have the whole day to cook your meals!

* Freezer cooking isn’t for the faint of heart, especially if you have kids… you know how hectic things can get!  One piece of advice (not that I haven’t given you several already!) —DO NOT GET STRESSED!  Remember, IT’S JUST FOOD!  It doesn’t matter if you’ve made every dish on your menu plan, IT’S OK!  You gave it the “college try”, lessons have been learned, and you’ll be better prepared for your next one! Plus, the sense of relief when your day is done and you see all of the meals you just prepared… it’s priceless!  For examples of some of Baking/Freezer Cooking Days and recipes, go !

Cristi King, author of
I’m a full-time working, wife and mother of 2 who’s been blogging since December 2009.  My goal of The King’s Court IV is to provide money-saving tips, great store deals, fabulous recipes, and share the stories of my life for all to enjoy!  Thanks so much to Tara for inviting me to be a guest on her wonderful blog!


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