Horoscope signs, horoscope readings and love horoscopes always draws in curiosity. Even if we don’t necessarily believe in them, we can’t help but to take a gander at our personal horoscopes just to see if there is anything in there about ourselves that rings true. Our horoscope signs are determined based on the date of our birth. Love horoscopes are to see if we relate romantically to another sign. Horoscope readings are a more personalized chart usually drawn up by an astrologer to get a more detailed look into your personal life. So what does your sign say about you? Check it out, you know you want to!horoscope
  • Aquarius The Ram Jan 21st to Feb 19th
    • Very sensitive yet keeps an optimistic outlook. They’re pretty honest people so they don’t really do a good job of lying.
  • Pisces the Fish Feb 20th to March 20th
    • They’re not very competitive and have a tendency to be shy. Yet those in the theater are some of the most brilliant performers around.
  • Aries the Ram March 21st to April 20th
    • It’s said they are fearless because of their naivety. They are very trusting people who are very romantic. They will always remember the flowers and chocolates.
  • Taurus the Bull April 21st to May 21st
    • The Taurus signs will take things in stride. They are not known for nervousness but know how to keep cool in the most stressful situations.
  • Gemini the Twins May 22nd to June 21st
    • Quick whit and great humor, they tend to be the life of the party. They are energetic and hard to pin down. More twins are born under this sign.
  • Cancer the Crab June 22nd to July 23rd
    • Cancers are the nurturers of the zodiac. They work hard and try to take care of everyone. Appreciate what they do and they are loyal and giving for life.
  • Virgo the Virgin Aug 24th to Sept 23rd
    • Virgos tend to be on the quiet side and socially awkward, but when they do interact, they usually will discuss intellectual topics that leave others scratching their heads.
  • Libra the Scales Sept 24th to Oct 23rd
    • Libra’s are always about analyzing and weighing the pros and cons of everything. It may take them time to made a decision, but it’s usually the right one.
  • Scorpio the Scorpion Oct 24th to Nov 22nd
    • Like the scorpion, they are tough on the outside but soft on the inside. Smart and intuitive they are loyal and faithful companions.
  • Sagittarius the Archer Nov 23rd to Dec 21st
    • They look on the sunny side of life and have youthful optimism. They tend to be physically strong, so don’t get on their bad side.
  • Capricorn the Goat Dec 22nd to Jan 20th
    • Capricorns are self motivated and know how to climb the ladder of success. They are not much in the way of partying the night away, but they will socialize frequently to gain business allies and connections.
If you want to know more about your zodiac sign and horoscopes, there are a number of resources online as well as books and even professional astrologers.