The seventh astrological sign, Libra is ruled by the planet Venus. Venus is the planet of love, elegance, and timeless beauty. The sun transits the constellation from approximately October 16 to November 17. The sign is represented by the scales which symbolizes the scales held by Themis, the Greek human interpretation of the divine law and justice. They have the greatest sense of justice of all the zodiac signs.
venus ruler of libra


  • Libra the scales are peaceful caring creatures by nature. They are known for being very fair and have excellent judgment. They are extremely empathetic and are able to see things from both sides of the spectrum. They are quick to stand up for someone who has been wronged. Justice is extremely important to them. They are great negotiators. They strive for harmony and balance. Libras the scales can be extremely intelligent. They are very clever critical thinkers who have a deep love for knowledge.
  • Their natural charm makes them very likable. They are great conversationalists and tend to be social butterflies. They make great friends because they know how to admit when they make mistakes. But they will not hesitate to put someone else in their place when they are wrong. Known as the communicators of the zodiac, they adore deep meaningful conversations. They really listen to what the other person is saying.
  • The Zodiac sign Libras are extremely tactful. If they want something done then they are the one to ask. They can get it but not at the expense of others. Of all the Zodiac signs, this one is one of the most kind. Libra zodiac sign is too kind to take advantage of other people. They are very fair, diplomatic and, have a logical mind. One thing they cannot stand is selfishness. They do not like arrogant people.
  • They may forgive, but they will not forget. The zodiac sign Libras do not waste time with petty grudges, but if you have wronged them, don’t expect them to easily forget. You will not screw them over twice. They learn from the experience and will not make the same mistake again.
  • Seeing is believing. You can tell them anything but the would rather see it for themselves. They are very skeptical. They would prefer to draw their own conclusions than to rely on what they are told. They learn from observation and are constantly observing whats going on around them. They drawing their own conclusions from what they see. If anyone can understand you– it is a Libra. They are very open-minded.

In love

  • Libras function best when in relationships. They are the happiest when they are in love. Love drives them. Because of this are hopeless romantics. These peace loving people seek meaningful relationships. They would rather have a long-term relationship than a meaningless fling. They are willing to wait it out and have the patience to do so. Their finicky nature will not allow them to be taken with the wrong person.
  • They do best in “give and take” type relationships. They have a lot to offer the right person, but if they don’t get much in return they may lose interest or end the relationship. They do their best to make the ones they love happy which makes them great partners. They are put quite a bit of energy into their relationships and expect the same from their partners. Loyalty one of their attributes, but they can be flirtatious. It is in their nature to flirt. They cannot even help it. It is just the way they are. They may even be perceived as seductive at times. But don’t get too mad….. most of the time they do not even realize that they are doing it.

Their Flaws

  • Because of their need for balance, they tend to get disarrayed easily. It doesn’t take much to upset libra zodiac sign’s fragile equilibrium. People tend to view them as being wishy-washy because they are constantly changing their minds. Making decisions are often difficult for them. Sticking with what they decide is even harder. Some of them can put on a facade and be pleasant although they are emotionally detached. They are always concerned with pleasing others. They enjoy the beauty and the finer things in life which can make Libra zodiac sign somewhat superficial. Because of this, they may overspend at times.

Sometimes too Stressed

  • They can be considered pushovers because they are so nice sometimes that they have trouble telling people no. They also put others a lot of pressure on themselves to please others. Because of this, These caring beings tend to hold a lot of weight on their shoulders. This can lead to a lot of stress. They can eliminate some stress by doing their favorite activity–shopping.