Wednesday, January 19, 2011

No More Rack $10 Credit and Free gifts when you refer friends!

No More Rack is offering a great promotion right now. Sign up and get a FREE $10 gift card! You can also earn prizes based on the number of friends you refer. Your friends don’t even have to buy anything….just sign up! 15 referrals will earn you FREE Stila lip gloss!

Here’s what you need to do:
1. Sign up for No More Rack HERE.
2. After confirming your account, click on “Redeem A Gift Card” and enter code P1070.  You will get a $10 credit.
3. Click on “Invite Friends” at the top of the page and share your referral link via e-mail, facebook, or twitter.  Be sure to share the gift card code P1070 with your friends, too.

No More Rack has great daily deals and only $2 shipping per item.  You can’t beat that!  Check out the video below to see the great deals others have grabbed at No More Rack.


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