Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rebate Tips

Lots of manufacturers offer rebates, but less than 40% of consumers actually redeem them. What a waste of money! The manufacturer lures you in with promise of money back, but you forget about it or don’t want to waste your time. Not anymore! Here are some tips to help you get back the money you deserve.

1. Ask the cashier for a second copy of your receipt. Rebate forms almost always ask for an original receipt. This way you have an original also.

2. Keep the receipts in your wallet so they won’t get lost.

3. Complete the rebate form that same day so you don’t get distracted and forget about it.

4. Read the instructions carefully and do exactly what is asked. This is important. Manufacturers will reject a rebate request if you are missing information. Generally, you are asked to submit a rebate form, an original receipt, and UPC code, but there may be other requirements.

5. Copy the form for your files. Then you will have the information you need to contact the manufacturer if you don’t receive your rebate.

6. Keep a record of the date you mailed the rebate, rebate amount, and when you expect to receive a check. Then you know when to contact the manufacturer if you haven’t receive your rebate. I like to use a simple excel spreadsheet for this. There are also online rebate trackers available like this.

7. Make sure the rebate form has not expired and that you made the purchase within the correct time frame.

Do you have any other rebate tips to share?
Thanks, Froogaloo!


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