Friday, May 14, 2010

Tip of the Day 5/14/10

If you live in the St. Louis area, check out Saucy Hot Deals. This site is owned by Sauce Magazine and sells restaurant gift certificates for a fraction of the price. See what they have to say about themselves below.

If you’re on the Internet, you’ve likely seen all of the deal-of-the day sites,
like Groupon. But most, if not all of them, are from out-of-town companies.
Sauce Magazine has also jumped into the business with, but they
maintain their commitment to the community and its health by offering a better
product for you and our local independent restaurants and

We’re hoping that you’ll appreciate what they’ve tried to do
with Hot Sauce: You get a chance to try great restaurants at great discounts,
and they’re offering the restaurants a larger slice of the sales to help them
grow. Most importantly, they’re supporting the wider community by giving 10
percent of their proceeds to local charities, like Food Outreach and St. Louis
Children’s Hospital. The result is that they have had a tremendous response from
local establishments, who are eager to participate.A win-win for

If you would like to take advantage of these great deals,
please take the time to go to and subscribe in
the upper right hand corner; this will make sure you receive Hot Sauce deals in
your in-box every morning.
Thanks, Rachel!


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