Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tip of the Day 7/7/10 – Tagless clearance items

Have you ever found something cute on a clearance rack, but it was missing the price tag? Maybe you just put it back because you thought it wasn’t worth the hassle to ask a sales associate about the price.

I’ve recently learned that it really pays to ask the price! Just last week I found a scarf at Old Navy that I fell in love with in early spring, but refused to pay full price for. The scarf was missing the price tag, but I took it to the register and got it for about 75% off! Score!

I also found a pair of pajamas at Target for my son that weren’t marked. I asked and paid only $1.48 for them!

So, now I always ask if I’m even remotely interested in the item.

Have you scored any great bargains this way?


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