Friday, October 29, 2010

T’s Friday Five – 5 E-mail lists you need to join now!

Spam sucks.  But for me, the awesome discounts I receive via e-mail far outweigh the suckiness of spam.  You can always set up another e-mail address just for special offers.  Just be sure to check it frequently so you don’t miss any great deals or freebies.  Here’s a list of 5 e-mail lists you should sign up for.  Now.

1.  Kohl’s – I’ve spent many lunch hours at Kohl’s, and there’s a good reason why.  They have the best sales and coupons.  Just for signing up to be on their e-mail list, you will get a $5 coupon.  That’s a free $5 that you can use on anything in the store.  No restrictions.  Pair that with Kohl’s great sales and you could possibly get something for free or at least really cheap.  My local Kohl’s recently remodeled, and they sent me $10 coupons via e-mail for weeks.  So far, I’ve been given $150 in completely free money.  Wow!  No wonder Kohl’s is like my second home.

2. Old Navy/Banana Republic/Gap – I thought I should include all of these stores together since they are affiliates, but you will need to register with each one individually.  All 3 stores frequently send out one-time use mystery savings codes to save a percentage or dollar amount off your next purchase.  I’ve received 50% off coupon codes at Old Navy and $100 mystery savings to spend at Banana Republic!  I haven’t been so lucky with Gap yet, but I’m waiting for my turn.  It will come.  You also get special savings when you sign up.  Banana Republic gives you free shipping on any order.  Gap & Old Navy have special offers as well, but I’ve been a member for so long that I can’t remember them. 

3.  Borders – When you sign up for Borders Rewards, you frequently get percent off savings in your inbox.  Just this week I received a coupon for 40% a book, and it happened to be the same day that my husband was going to Borders to buy an Engineering Dictionary.  (Don’t ask him what that is….he laughed at me when I asked).  I just signed up for this program over the summer, but I’m hoping to get some great savings on books for my little guy who loves to read.

4.  Groupon – With all of the daily deal sites out there, Groupon is by far my favorite.  You can find great local & national deals for shops, restaurants, services, and more.  I’ve purchased a Gap gift card, gift card, and local restaurant gift cards via Groupon.  By the way, I used that Gap Groupon this weekend.  I paid 38 cents for $160 of clothing!  Technically I spent $15.38 when you add in the Groupon cost, but it was so cool seeing 38 cents show up on the register.  I slowly put my credit card away and grabbed a $1 out of my purse.  It was awesome!  Another thing that’s cool about Groupon is that you get a $10 credit for each referral when they make their first purchase.  Your friend gets an awesome deal and so do you!

5.  CVS – First you have to get an Extra Care card, and then you can register it with CVS to receive special e-mail offers.  They will frequently send coupons for dollars off you next purchase.   Just today I completed a baby survey for CVS and received $5 for my next order.  Not bad for a 5 minute survey!

Happy Friday!



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