Friday, December 17, 2010

T’s Friday Five – My favorite birthday freebies

My birthday was Wednesday, and I’ve been loving all of the awesome birthday coupons that have been appearing in my inbox.  There is absolutely no way that I could ever use all of them, so I’m giving you my top 5. 

Go HERE for a link to the huge list of birthday freebies available.  Sign up now.  It’s so exciting to watch them roll in!

1.  Free entree up to $15 at Houlihan’s.  Of course, this won’t be completely free unless you go out to eat by yourself, but it makes for a cheap dinner.

2.  Free 8″ sub at Mr. Goodcents.  Free lunch for me!!!

3.  $15 gift card from Newport News. Check out the clearance section to find some potentially free tops and accessories.  Last year I ordered a seersucker blazer and some accessories for only a few dollars.  I’m still debating over what to buy this year.

4.  $10 gift card to The Galleria.  This one was unexpected and a day late, but so awesome. Do you know how far I can stretch a $10 gift card with some savvy clearance rack shopping and store coupons?  Pretty far.  That’s how far.  Be sure to check out the websites of your local malls to see if they have e-mail lists.  You might just receive a surprise on your birthday, too!

5.  $5 coupon from DSW.  To make this even better, I’ve been saving my $10 savings certificate and combining both with a $10 off coupon.  Match that with a super cute pair of clearance shoes and that’s another great freebie!



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