8 Great Home Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Home decoration is more than just a process of using up space, it creates the ambiance of comfort and beauty that every home should have.

Home decoration is more than just a process of using up space, it creates the ambiance of comfort and beauty that every home should have.

But let’s be honest, when we see the decorated rooms on magazines and Pinterest with thousand-dollar furniture and wallpapers and it’s easy to feel intimidated, and feel like your own space can never be like that. If you feel like your space has no hope in reaching the aesthetic you always wanted to showcase, you don’t need to believe that.

In reality, with a little time and imagination, sometimes you can give a room a whole new look for less than $100. In fact, there are a lot of ways to turn a space from top to bottom by investing just a hundred dollars instead of a thousand dollars.

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Affordable Home Decoration

The approach when it comes to low-cost home decoration is completely different from what we see on home makeover shows. The usual idea is to replace as many things as possible but that’s the complete opposite when you want it to be affordable. The goal is to not rely on high-end replacements but to keep as much as you can. You find ways you make the old look new and reuse the space in a way you’ve never done before.

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1. Upcycle old Furniture

If your first step in redecorating your bedroom is taking out your old wardrobe, you might want to rethink that. Take another look at that furniture and see if there’s still a way to fix its damages. There are plenty of ways to fix up used furniture. You can start by repainting it a new color that will ensure a brand new look.

2. Make a Focal Point

Focal points can change everything when it comes to interior design and this is most useful if you’re redecorating your living room. Focal point is the star of the room. This is where the eye of everyone that comes in the room lands first. Once you create a great focal point in home decoration you can manipulate the ambiance of the entire room.

Your focal point always has a centerpiece where you want the emphasis on. Here are some of the options you can choose from.

● Artwork – one large piece of artwork is one of the most famous centerpieces you can choose for your living room. Now I know art pieces are definitely not even remotely close to the term affordable but if you or the people you know have skills that deserve to be showcased, why not display it at your living room’s focal point.
● Statement Furniture – this is generally the case in the dining rooms and bedrooms, where there is clearly a central piece of furniture in the room. Redesign by adding accents such as vases to the table centerpiece or some pillows to the bed to help you draw your eyes.
● Accent Wallpapers – accent wallpapers are a great way to draw attention in any room. Choose wallpapers that have bold colors or striking patterns, but most importantly choose a wallpaper that matches on how you envisioned your home to be.

3. Repaint the Chairs

This is similar to upcycling old furniture but I needed to separate this to give more emphasis. Most people don’t realize how much change repainting your dining table chairs can do to the entire aesthetic of your dining room. Since the dining table is the focal point of the room, the chairs are great accent pieces that are just cherries on top.

4. Use Pretty Storage Boxes

Not all storage boxes ruin the aesthetic of your room. In fact, you can choose storage boxes that go along with the theme of your room. It’s not only going to give you extra room to store stuff in a tidy and uncluttered way.

5. Rearrange Furniture

Sometimes your home does not need all the complicated process of remodeling, you just need to rearrange the furniture you already have. Maybe what’s been bothering you is the layout of each room. Try envisioning how each room would look like in various furniture arrangements, this way you can use up your space in the most efficient and visually pleasing way.

6. Add flowers and some greenery

Fresh cut flowers, and even fake ones, are a simple and inexpensive way to turn a room around in an instant. The detail it adds is a great contribution to the entirety of each room.

7. Use Paint

It’s time to shift the scene by transforming that faded wall with new and fresh looking colors. A gallon of high-quality paint costs about $35, and it takes only two gallons to cover a medium-sized space. So, for just $70 overall, you can make the entire space look like a new one.

8. Have a Photo Gallery

A photo gallery is not a great wall decoration idea but it also makes your home uniquely yours. Experiment with shapes, sizes, and frame designs, and take everything from old family pictures to children’s sketches.

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